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Precautions for using the stove


To be familiar with the operation of the furnace, it is best to operate at home to dismantle, the structure of the furnace with the use of methods are clear, when used in the field when the failure to quickly find out the reasons. When you buy a new stove home, you may find some protective oil on the furnace assembly, you can try to burn these residual thin oil with a lighter. Careful handling of fuel, especially high-volatile fuels is easy to ignite and must be especially careful! When filling the fuel should be in the air circulation, so that has been volatile oil and gas can be distributed with the air out.

The use of suitable fuel, some stoves stressed that can be applied to a variety of fuels, it is best to use the manufacturer recommended the most suitable fuel, and continue to use without any replacement. The use of different fuels easily lead to the burning of the burner, the use of improper fuel will break the stove, not careless.

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Cooking food is best to use the lid cover, you can focus on heat, reduce cooking time. Plus the windscreen also has the effect of extra points.

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Do not put the fuel in the stove with the storage, especially liquid fuel, in case of leakage of the situation, but not fun. Store the stove at the best place to keep dry, to avoid corrosion of metal rust.

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