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筷子的故事 Chopsticks' story


Chopsticks are used every day in China.Although chopsticks originated in China, they are widely used in many Asian countries.


The first chopsticks were made from bone and jade.In the Spring and Autumn period, copper and iron chopsticks came into being.In ancient times the rich used jade or gold chopsticks to display their wealth.Many kings and emperors used silver chopsticks to see if their food was poisoned.


Chopsticks are traditionally placed in brides dowries, because“Chopsticks” in Chinese is pronunced “Kuaizi”, which sounds like“get a son soon.Many foreign friends try to use chopsticks when they visit China.Even former President of the United States,Richard Nixon, used chopsticks at the welcoming banquet held in his honor.As soon as he left hes table , a foreign diplomat grabbed his chopsticks as a historic souvenir.